The first final project for this course is the creation of an annotated bibliography. Counselors have an ethical responsibility to provide healthcare that

COU 600 Week Five Assignment Guidelines and Rubric
Overview: The first final project for this course is the creation of an annotated bibliography. Counselors have an ethical responsibility to provide healthcare that
is guided by a thoughtful integration of the best available scientific knowledge and clinical expertise. An evidence-based practitioner needs a practical
understanding of various approaches and methods used by counselors to help them explore the complex and individualized nature of the issues that clients
present. Prepared counselors know how to find current and past published research, evaluate the quality of the research, and integrate the information into
their work as counselors. Within the field, counselors will need to know how to develop interventions that address an identified population and intervention in
order to support client care. An annotated bibliography allows you to choose a topic of clinical interest, identify empirical evidence related to the topic, evaluate
the evidence, and apply the information to the identified population. The skills learned in this activity will prepare you to submit a finalized annotated
bibliography in Week Eight.
A traditional annotated bibliography includes a citation and a summary of each resource. To make this first final project more authentic to your work as a
counselor, you will create an annotated bibliography for your resources (the summary of each study) and include an introduction as well as identify implications
for practice based on your research for your final submission. In week 2, you drafted a research question to develop your topic of investigation. In this draft, you
will address the introduction to the annotated bibliography and begin to identify your resource
You can use the Annotated Bibliography Outline or Annotated Bibliography Guiding Document (found in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubric section of the
course) to help structure your annotated bibliography. The outline will show you an outline in APA format to help structure your assignment and the guiding
document will show you what your submission should look like in APA format.
Prompt: This assignment is an initial draft of the introduction to the annotated bibliography. In this draft, you are required to submit your final choices for three
articles that will be used in the annotated bibliography, as well as an introduction to the annotated bibliography that includes the rationale (i.e., the problem
statement the authors developed to provide a rationale for conducting the research) and the finalized research question that you have opted to investigate.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Introduction to Annotated Bibliography
A. State a topic for investigation that addresses the population and intervention to be examined in your annotated bibliography.
B. State the problem that you are addressing within your annotated bibliography, and support why you need to investigate the issue in the first
C. Develop a purpose statement that captures what you hope to accomplish in your review of literature.
I. Summary of Each Study
A. Include a citation for each research article included in your annotated bibliography.
B. Include a statement about the research methodology aligned to each article

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